Unitarian and Free Christian Chapel

The Chapel has existed since 1823.

The original Trust Deed states it is for the “The worship of God; and the furtherance of a Christian life; free from the fetters of any written and unwritten; declaration of doctrine”.

Our Faith

Today, in the 21st Century context, Unitarians welcome all who wish to worship with an open and enquiring mind. Our Chapel’s tradition is rooted in liberal Christianity, but we do not insist that everyone should have exactly the same beliefs. Today, our search for spiritual, ethical, or religious “truth” may also draw on the wisdom of other religions, philosophies, and approaches to life. Our focus is on how we live our lives (deeds) rather than beliefs (creeds).

We are a member of the General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches. We are also a member of the Manchester District Association of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches.

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Today we still hold true to our original purpose and traditional Unitarian values of tolerance, freedom, reason and truth.

We do not tell people what to believe. Unitarians today, include liberal Christians, Atheists, agnostics, Humanists & Earth-Spirit to name but a few.

We also draw on the wisdoms found in other religions and philosophies.

We consider that there are many paths to religious truth.